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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for us.

We welcome writers from all over the world to submit guest posts to our website. Our main focus is freelance job opportunities around the world.

As the freelance economy keeps on growing, we would like to offer practical information to people who intend to start freelancing or those who are already doing it.

There are tons of topics that you can write about freelancing. Below are some broad areas from which you can create topics. We are also open to innovative topics and new thinking on these topics.

But, any article that covers a particular problem of freelancers or freelancing profession is welcomed. You can get in touch with us for a topic out of the conventional topics. 


Broad Topics That You Can Write for us

Areas to Remember

Guest Article Preparation

Article quality

Ensure the article has a minimum word count of 1000 words and covers the topic at hand in detail. Everybody loves informative, engaging and complete articles. Let us give the same to our readers. 

Content Piece

Ensure that the work is your original piece. Do not copy work published elsewhere even if it is your blog. We are only accepting articles written in English at this time. Avoid the use of offensive language. 

Grammar & Spelling

We reserve the right to edit and change both grammar and spelling as well as add images where we find appropriate. 

Adding Images

It is okay to add images to your work. However, ensure that you use your images (and give us full rights to use them) or use royalty free images on the internet and include the source. Use images that are related to the topic at hand to enhance the message you are conveying. 

Other Requirements for Guest Posting

  • Article length should be at least of 1000 words.
  • The article should be well written and easy to understand.
  • Articles must be written following the steps mentioned.
  • Headlines written following the guidelines mentioned.
  • Article title and a Meta Description of 150 to 155 characters.
  • Send the article in an MS Word file format.
  • Please provide a high resolution image for each 250 words (Though, we reserve the right of using the images provided by you). At least 3 images is required for a 1000 words article. The images must be from the free sources (like as Pixabay, Unsplash.com, or Pexels.com). The exact image source link must be provided under each images.
  • Please, check the article using a spell checker tool (like as Grammarly) before sending the copy to us.
  • We require to own the copyright.


Your Benefits For Writing for us

You get full credit for your work. We will include your short bio at the end of the article, as well as a link to your social media profile or your website.

We have a wide readership and believe that you will get valuable exposure to our audience. 

How To Submit ?

Use the email address below to tell us what you intend to write about. We would love to see some of your previously published work. 

We get lots of submissions each day. It takes a while before going through each of them. Therefore, give us about a week within which we will have responded. 

If you have concerns about writing for us, do not hesitate to contact us with the address below. 

Check and double check that you’ve fulfilled all the criteria. Then, send the article to us at contact@geekscrack.com